Feeding the Maasai During COVID

Feeding the Maasai during COVID

Some time back, I was contacted by my friend David who is a Maasai warrior and lives with his village in Kenya. He serves as a kind of ambassador for his entire community, including the surrounding villages. I had the privilege of meeting him in 2016 when I was in Kenya, and I got to spend the day with his tribe. We have stayed in touch over the years, but this time he was reaching out with desperation in his voice. COVID-19 not only shut down the US and the big countries in Europe and beyond, but it also hit Kenya quite hard, and the city was put into that all too familiar lock-down.

When I first met the Maasai in 2016 with Shannon Wild and Russell MacLaughlin.

The Maasai and tourism

David’s Maasai village in Kenya during COVID

The Maasai tribes have learned to survive on the land and tourism. Over the years, a lot of growth and progress has been made in these rural communities when it comes to education about the wildlife with which they share their homes. In the past, if a lion were to kill their cattle, there would have been retaliation against the lion. But these days, they have learned to co-exist, and the link between the Maasai Mara’s natural heritage and tourism has been fully realized. For this, we rejoice and are genuinely grateful.

The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation Sends Help…

So when David reached out and told us his people were starving and some of the elders had passed, we had to react quickly. We worked closely with David to get them provisions which fed his entire village of 85 households. They were so grateful, and we were honored we could help.


But what comes next? COVID isn’t leaving anytime soon, and tourism is a long way off from resuming anywhere in the world. This is an issue we will all be dealing with for years to come, and the best we can do is help when we can, where we can. And nobody can do this alone. We are stronger together.

We Need Your Help!

If you can contribute anything and are moved by our Maasai story, please reach out to us. The elders are still dying, and the hunger has returned. David also has a four-month-old daughter he shared pictures of with me. She’s gorgeous and innocent, and we can’t stand the thought of her being hungry.

David’s beautiful baby girl.

David has taken his cow to the markets to try to sell many times, but nobody is buying right now. This is the barter system they know, but in these tough times, everyone is having to change in so many ways. And imagine being somewhere with minimal access to the news and what’s going on in the world. That must be so confusing and disheartening.

We share this story in hopes of reaching the hearts and souls of those who are moved to make a difference.

If you are part of a company or another organization that can help or even partner with us on this issue, please contact us now at info@shannonelizabeth.org. Whether you can help with food, funds, or another very pressing issue in his village is the lack of sanitary pads for the 1500 girls and women in his community, the need is great.

Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place. Ashe oleng.

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