Youth Empowerment

Why Youth Empowerment?

We believe that our youth are, indeed, the heroes of tomorrow. But that tomorrow can and must start today.

We believe that our youth are, indeed, the heroes of tomorrow. But that tomorrow can, and must, start today. This imperative is the focus of our second initiative, called Animal Avengers. We must educate and empower young people in every way we can, particularly in developing economies. 

Without our commitment and their energy, there is little hope of a better world. A world in which all ecosystems thrive without any threat of destruction through human greed. Lofty ideals certainly, but very achievable. 

What are we doing to
Encourage and mobilize
young people?

We want young people everywhere to pledge themselves as animal avengers now and in perpetuity. 

More than that, young citizens must become Earth avengers, humanity avengers, and life avengers in the broadest sense. We must make big changes and make them fast. But who are we to tell younger generations how to clean up our messes? We have been shown, through the example set by teenagers such as Greta Thunberg in particular, what is needed. Young people are more than capable of identifying the problems and what to do about them. They don’t need our instruction. Instead, we need to collaborate with young people everywhere and help to empower them to become innovative leaders in their local, regional, and even global communities. We must hear their voices and facilitate their ability to stand up for a better world. We are committing our resources to three critical areas. 

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We believe that iconic wildlife species, such as rhinos, can engender interest and respect for all living beings and the landscapes they inhabit. As an extension of our Rhino Review initiative, we are partnering with education-focused nonprofits to go into schools and help to excite kids. 

Our future generations must fall in love with these captivating creatures and the wilderness which surrounds them. 


Teachers are vital to nurturing our youth. We want educators everywhere to utilize Rhino Review as an informational resource. We are working closely with schools to develop a teacher’s toolkit to support their wildlife curriculum and bring rhinos right into the classroom. This kit will be free to download straight from our platform and will be optimized for offline teaching. Our teacher’s toolkit will be visually stimulating, factually flawless and notably inspiring.


We are currently developing relationships with key partners to identify and support economically disadvantaged girls in South Africa who have a proven passion and ability to pursue a career in the conservation economy. Scholarship opportunities include wildlife veterinary sciences, wildlife and conservation management, conservation administration, and eco-tourism.

This is an ideal opportunity for philanthropists to contribute to the development of young girls to be tomorrow’s leaders. We are launching this in the second quarter of 2020, allowing for the first enrollment in January 2021. 

What impact have we had?

After two years of research and content development, in August of 2019 we launched our first initiative, Rhino Review. Now we have moved into phase two, creating the above teaching aids and scholarship fund. Students are already reaping the benefits of our online platform and newsletter, but this next phase will up the ante for youth from elementary school all the way through to college. 

In the future, we will be developing additional Reviews, such as Big Cat Review, Great Ape Review, Ocean Review, and others.

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How can i get involved?

  • Become an INAUGURAL BENEFACTOR of the SEF Girls in Conservation Scholarship Fund. By committing to $7,500 per year for five consecutive years, you will be covering the tuition fees and living expenses of one economically disadvantaged girl to attend university. 
  • Make a ONE-OFF DONATION of any size to the SEF Girls in Conservation Scholarship Fund.
  • Have your company INVEST goods, services or CSR funding.
  • To TAILOR these and other ways to contribute, contact info@shannonelizabeth.org.