Youth Empowerment

Why Youth Empowerment?

Maximizing Impact

We believe that our youth are, indeed, the heroes of tomorrow. But that tomorrow can, and must, start today. Therefore, it’s imperative that we inspire, educate, and empower young people in every way we can, particularly in developing economies and indigenous communities.

With our commitment and their energy, the opportunities are endless. We see our role simply as facilitators—unearthing exceptional young leaders and mentoring them onto the world stage.

Applications are open!

The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation has officially launched its highly anticipated One Woman’s Legacy Scholarship (OWL) and is accepting applications for the 2023 academic year.

OWL is a program for African women to further their careers through postgraduate studies in areas of conservation such as biology, ecology, veterinary medicine, marine biology, environmental policy and law, environmental economics, climate change studies, and other related curriculums.

This scholarship seeks to remove barriers to entry in the conservation industry and nurture female leadership where it’s needed most. In addition, it will further allow recipients to immerse themselves in their career pursuits and leave their own legacy on this planet.

OWL aims to revolutionize global attitudes towards conservation in Africa and the rest of the developing world by reinventing the landscape of power, building capacity, introducing compassion, and amplifying the voices of African women.

OWL challenges benefactors to go the extra mile as sponsors and participate in SEF’s global mentoring program. This will ensure that scholarship recipients can access mentors in all aspects of their careers. Accordingly, individuals and organizations are invited to support this initiative and invest in the future impact of incredible conservation leaders.

For more information on how to apply, please click here.

For more information on how to sponsor or support the program, please contact owl@shannonelizabeth.org.

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Animal Avengers remains a huge focus for us, engaging school-age youth to become Animal Avengers for the planet. Whenever we go into classrooms and take kids on trips into the bush, they are encouraged to become Animal Avengers not just for the day, but for life!