Ranger Relief Fund


Please help us to keep them employed and the animals protected.

A silent killer stalks in the wake of the pandemic that is ravaging our world, and our wild places and all the animals who call it home are not as protected as they should be. The Covid-19 global lockdown has crippled tourism, a critical source of conservation funding that pays the salaries of the brave men and women in the anti-poaching units. They are the front line in protecting our rhino and other endangered species. No tourism means no funds. We must work together to ensure that these wildlife first responders can continue to protect our wild places.

Is proud to introduce the
ranger relief fund

With your help, we are raising funds to support under-resourced anti-poaching units in Africa during this crisis. The fund will provide much needed financial aid, equipment and supplies to those who need it most and will help to keep critical conservation workers employed.

Please help us support these heroes of conservation by contributing to the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation #RangerRelief Fund.

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Make a
product donation

If cash is not possible, goods and services are also most welcome. As an individual or as a company, these in-kind donations are hugely valuable if in line with the needs of the rangers. Products such as non-perishable foods, cameras, binoculars, fuel, dog food, vehicles, and other specific equipment are needed most. We will work with you to identify the best fit for your products and the needs of the rangers. Please contact our campaign directly to discuss in more detail at info@shannonelizabeth.org.

This success is affording us the opportunity to extend our research to commissioning various rhino studies, which will bring further clarity to the challenges of their protection. 

We also recently announced that we’re excited to be in preproduction on Big Cat Review, our next educational platform which will see us concentrate on the plight of the world’s large felines.

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How it works

  • Organizations may apply for cash grants of between $5, 000 and $10, 000. *Applications are now open.
  • Grants will be assessed on urgency and authenticated needs basis.
  • All goods or services to be delivered to the final recipients directly by donor organization.

All recipients must provide:
—Proof of organization’s registration as either an NGO and/or registered security provider (All Anti-poaching units that carry arms or provide protection must be registered with PSiRA in South Africa)
—Proof of usage (Payroll receipt of financial contribution, purchase receipts, and photographic evidence if goods or services delivered.)