Law & Legislation

Why law & Legislation

We believe that to truly maximize impact and make immense change, few things work as well as political reform which bolsters new and existing laws that effectively combat the illegal wildlife trade, stifle poaching syndicates and disrupt the rampant killing of our natural world. Instead of making ubiquitous emotional appeals, we choose rather to use rational, science-based data to support sound decision-making by our lawmakers.

What impact have we had?

Having launched our Law & Legislation initiative in 2019, we have developed a permanent presence in Washington, D.C., building strong and trusted relationships with key American lawmakers. With credible and verifiable data, we have played a role in positively influencing policy.

This includes assisting with the RAWR Act (S 1590), that was ultimately passed through the senate in a bi-partisan display of the need to put differences aside to better protect the planet and all who inhabit it.

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What are we doing?

We consult objectively with lawmakers to better inform policy decisions.

 We have been increasing our presence in Washington, D.C., consulting with senators and representatives of Congress on various bills across multiple international issues such as trade, poaching, poorly regulated tourism and wildlife ownership. We demonstrate how the decisions taken by politicians affect people on the ground in places like Africa where economies, societies, and wildlife sustainability are impacted. Also, issues of national security become critical discussions as we communicate how these international issues affect the people of America.

We are also increasing our presence in South Africa, building relationships with local parliamentarians and ministers.

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how can I get involved

  • Contribute PRO BONO WORK to the Foundation in the fields of environmental law, corporate law, policy or lobbying activities.
  • Make a DONATION to the SEF Law & Legislation initiative.
  • Have your company INVEST GOODS, services or CSR funding.
  • To TAILOR these and other ways to contribute, contact info@shannonelizabeth.org.