Land & Community

Why Land & Community

The sustainable use of land is a global issue and one that requires solutions that reflect a deep and meaningful integration of environmental ambition and socio-economic necessity.

The sustainable use of land is a global issue and one that requires solutions that reflect a deep and meaningful integration of environmental ambition and socio-economic necessity. Many of the world’s protected areas are flanked by some of the most impoverished communities on the planet.
Often, this brings wildlife into confl ict with these communities, exacerbating the challenges in finding solutions that honor both the communities and wildlife as equal stakeholders. Sometimes these villages are given a small stipend, or they might benefit from a simple project funded by the reserve. But what would it look like if these communities became guardians and champions of wildlife and wild places?

We have created a philanthropic investment model that achieves a transparent, scalable and integrated solution for the astute philanthropist to ensure their investment becomes a tangible part of their long-term legacy, whilst creating hope for impoverished communities and protecting the natural habitat for many threatened species.

What is Sireletsa?

We believe that conservation is not an action, but rather a consequence of an action. And that action is the protection of land through the upliftment and inclusion of local communities in the conservation economy.

Our program, Sireletsa (which means “to protect” in Sepedi), is a fund designed to positively contribute to the challenges of unifying these economically marginalized communities in protecting our natural heritage. Sireletsa conforms with the need for transparency, impact and sustainability of your philanthropic investment with the long-term development of land and people.

There’s no shortage of critical land areas that require protection. With land secured, we then host several functions on that land:
– Private and public tourism products ensuring people and specifi cally donors, are able to visit the land regularly and immerse themselves in our conservation initiatives.
– Community development programs that include infrastructural solutions like renewable energy, schools, clinics, basic sanitation, skills development, job creation, entrepreneurial development of micro-enterprises, and fi nally, land ownership.

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At its core, the land will be a flagship of community development and will be a home to all of our critical conservation programming, which includes:

  • a rhino orphanage providing critical care to orphaned baby rhinos that have lost their mothers to poaching.
  • the creation of an IPZ (Intensive Protection Zone) for rhinos and other targeted species to be protected from poachers.
  • an endangered species rescue and rehabilitation center allowing for long-term protection.
  • a youth education facility where young people from around the world are able to experience the African bush whilst learning about conservation first-hand.
  • an exclusive volunteer center to encourage donors and guests to actively participate in on-the-ground conservation efforts.

What is our impact?

The many benefits of this initiative include:

  • protection of habitat and the creation of a safe haven for all fauna and flora that inhabit the ecosystem.
  • a positive and tangible contribution to the climate crisis.
  • skills and career development opportunities for local community members.
  • micro-enterprise development, stimulating the local economy.
  • much needed infrastructural support to the local community.
  • long term revenue streams for the community including solar farms, agricultural solutions, and services procurement.
  • astute integration of donor legacy with a sustainable future.
  • the creation of a scalable, replicable community conservation model.
  • a contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • the protection and housing of at-risk animals.
  • a perpetual destination for donors and guests to experience not only a superlative safari experience but a unique immersion into conservation and a tangible opportunity to experience your philanthropic dollar in action.
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How can i get involved

  • The fund is attracting its first round of PHILANTHROPIC INVESTMENT. To participate as a founding member, please contact info@shannonelizabeth.org.