The Rhino Pride Foundation


The Rhino Pride Foundation (RPF) is a non-profit that came into being in 2015 when founder, Dr Jana Pretorius, realized the great need for the physical protection of rhinos, in other words to prevent poaching before it even happens. Coupled with this, of course, is the need to have measures in place for the rapid response to poaching events to ensure that every victim gets the necessary veterinary help as soon as possible.

The main objective of the Rhino Pride Foundation is to generate funds to combat rhino poaching and its devastating effects, not only by managing the after-effects of actual and attempted poaching events, but by putting measures into place to prevent it from even happening.

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RPF’s five principal objectives are to:
  • ensure the general welfare of the rhinos
  • provide the necessary emergency relief & medical care to rhinos
  • rescue & rehabilitate surviving victims of poaching or attempted poachings
  • promote educational programs & empower communities to stand up against poaching
  • ultimately acquire land for the establishment of a Rhino Protection Zone (high security facility for the protection of rhinos)

In 2015 we had been able to help RPF with donations of some veterinary supplies, and during 2016 I was able to help the foundation auction off a donated sculpture which brought in some much needed funds for RPF. Then, just before the end of year in 2017, I got a call from Jana to say that the sanctuary needed help. Currently RPF is home to over 50 rhino and it’s imperative we keep those angels safe and sound. After much back and forth we decided that we would pay for the security services at the sanctuary for a few months. We ended up paying for them from November 2017 through March 2018. We continue to evaluate ways we can help Jana and make an impact.

I have met with the owner of RPF’s security team, Secret Eye Surveillance, and their anti-poaching team is second to none. They always need help with keeping their rangers well kitted and cared for, so if you can help in any way, please see their wish list on their site here:

We’d also like to do a lifetime adoption of their rhino, Lizzie. Lizzie was rescued just a couple of days before I first met Jana, so she decided to name her Lizzie after the Elizabeth in my name. I was so excited to have a rhino named after me (later a second one was named Shannon in Pilanesberg) and I promise you, you’ll never meet a more loving, gentle rhino in your life. Lizzie is a true angel on Earth. We’d like nothing more than to adopt and care for her and make her our beautiful rhino representative and inspiration!