Saving The Survivors

In 2015 I did a crowdfunding fundraiser and raised a total of $32,445 and named three organizations as the final beneficiaries: the Save African Rhino Foundation, the AWARE Trust, and Saving The Survivors.

Many of you know this group because they worked on Hope, a rhino who had her face mutilated by poachers that were after her horns.

While in South Africa I had the honor of meeting with Dr Gerhard Steenkamp of Saving the Survivors at his offices at the University of Pretoria and to present him with all of the wish list donations.

I later joined the team at one of Hope’s surgeries and met Dr. Johan Marais for the first time. Sadly, Hope has since passed away, and Dr Steenkamp is no longer with the organisation. But we ended up buying them a fracture kit that Dr. Marais had told us he desperately needed in the field. Dr. Marais continues his lifesaving work and the mission of Saving The Survivors.