Education & Awareness

Why Education & awareness

'In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.' – Baba Dioum

Knowledge is power when put into action. We believe there is a huge knowledge deficit the world over when it comes to wildlife and the various challenges they face. Although vast amounts of credible research data is out there, it is all too often overtly academic and tediously long.

Add to this a polarized industry on how best to care for endangered animals, and the problem becomes even more acute. How do we deliver content to the masses so as to entertain, educate and motivate to take action? Is social media a credible source for such important and objective information? Definitely not!

What are we doing to
Educate and mobilize people
around the world?

We’ve created the first in a series of what we’re calling Reviews. These Reviews are your one-stop-shop for trusted, credible, objective, and consistently updated web-based information that focuses on specific species or environmental crises.

RhinoReview.org launched in August of 2019. This is a website where you can learn all about rhinos, from the beginning of their recorded existence through to the present. The research and writing has all been thanks to our Editor-in-Chief, Peter Borchert

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Peter is a South African with a very rich heritage in international wildlife and conservation journalism, dating back 40+ years. Because of Peter’s stellar reputation and unrivaled recognition, he was able to reach out to top conservation organizations and share in their data. They have graciously opened their archives to us, recognizing that in the past, conservation has been very polarizing, and it’s beyond time that things change. Many organizations have assisted in this process, including WWF, GWC, IFAW, AWF, and others. Concurrently, world-class photographers have also shared their incredible artwork with us, allowing us to create a digital experience filled with the most exquisite, inspiring images.

As a result, what we have created is a single repository for reliable, industry-wide information to be collated and delivered. Our goal being that with a better-informed population, we can eradicate unnecessary rhetoric from public debate and help to guide philanthropic investments to dependable organizations who truly deserve it. Our Youth Empowerment initiative will also be taking Rhino Review into schools and making it readily available for teachers to incorporate into their curriculum.

What is our impact?

The impact of these efforts is being recognized daily. Our database of concerned citizens is steadily increasing, and the content and research is allowing us to broaden our Youth Empowerment and Law & Legislation initiatives. Rhino Review is updated regularly, and we distribute a weekly newsletter outlining our newest content as well as the latest news on rhinos that week from around the globe. This resource has been esteemed by conservationists and has cemented our position as an essential, credible contributor to the industry’s combined goals to preserve the world’s rhinos.

This success is affording us the opportunity to extend our research to commissioning various rhino studies, which will bring further clarity to the challenges of their protection. 

We also recently announced that we’re excited to be in preproduction on Big Cat Review, our next educational platform which will see us concentrate on the plight of the world’s large felines.

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How can i get involved

  • PERSONAL DONATIONS of any size are much needed. Funding is critical to this work, not just to launch these Reviews, but also to maintain and update the content on a regular basis to ensure relevance and value to everyone passionate about wildlife.
  • SPONSORSHIP. We require everything from camera equipment and travel, to vehicles and accommodation. These deals can be customized to ensure a lasting partnership of shared value.
  • We need your VOICE. Please follow our pages on social media, sign up to the newsletter and become an informed individual who uses their influence and educates others. Your voice and advocacy is huge and needed, so don’t underestimate it!
  • Have your company INVEST goods, services or CSR funding.
  • To TAILOR these and other ways to contribute, contact info@shannonelizabeth.org.