Flying For Freedom South Africa


Flying for Freedom South Africa, founded by pilot Tokkie Botes who has sponsored over 950 hours of flying his helicopter to aid the police in poaching crime scene investigations, flying vets to emergency surgeries, and assisting with critical calls from farm owners and anti-poaching units to respond rapidly to property incursions. He is currently the only private pilot cleared by the South African government to fly throughout Kruger National Park and to assist with such operations.

In May 2017 we held a fundraiser to raise the funds needed to buy Flying For Freedom South Africa some night ops equipment. Happily we raised enough to buy all of the equipment helicopter pilot Tokkie had asked for!

Our first purchase was two pair of special goggles that allow Tokkie to continue his invaluable work flying vets, police, anti-poaching units and detectives (just to name a few) around South Africa, specifically at night. A big thank you to Rhino 911 for helping to facilitate the purchase as well as the import of the equipment. We were also able to buy Tokkie a second, fully equipped helmet, as a co-pilot is always required to fly on night missions.

To keep Tokkie flying costs about $12,000 in fuel and maintenances a month, and we would like to help towards this. So we’d like to find businesses or donors to join us or perhaps match us. Tokkie has also given us the opportunity to carry the logos of any business supporting the cause on his helicopter for a period of time. Please contact us at to learn more or to help.