We do a lot, so we're confident you may want to know some specifics.

Is Shannon Elizabeth paid by the Foundation?

No, Shannon receives no remuneration for her involvement in the Foundation. She actually funds quite a bit of operation herself whenever she can.

What has happened to Animal Avengers?

Animal Avengers has become the name of our Youth Empowerment initiative. Our aim is to empower and mobilize young people from around the world to be our heroes of tomorrow. To learn more about Animal Avengers, please visit us here.

Is the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation a registered charity in the USA?

Yes, it is. It is registered in the USA as a 501(c)(3) (see documentation here) and has a dedicated board.

Is the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation a registered charity in South Africa

Yes, it is. It is registered as a PBO and an NPO in South Africa. Both of these are credentials which mean a person or business in South Africa can receive a tax benefit from making a donation. Please don’t let any organization fool you in South Africa and say they are only an NPC (not-for-profit company) and lead you into believing that is a properly registered non-profit. You can buy the NPC credential off the shelf in a day. It DOES NOT allow them to give any kind of a tax benefit for a donation. Please go here to review our documents.

How does the Foundation make money?

The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation maintains all operations through a combination of hosted events and fundraisers, private philanthropy, corporate philanthropy, public donations and the creation and retail of goods.