The AWARE Trust was started by Dr. Keith Dutlow and Dr. Lisa Marabini in Zimbabwe and is the only veterinary conservation trust in Zimbabwe, run by vets and focusing on the welfare of wildlife and the conservation of wildlife habitats. They run free sterilization and vaccination clinics for animals in poverty stricken areas, undertake donkey clinics, conduct rehabilitation and research, just to name a few. They donate their time and care with a deep love of the animals and land.

We not only raised $10,000 for them to use however it would best serve them, but we also collected many veterinary donations through our Amazon wish lists. I ended up taking an overflowing suitcase full of donations with me on my 2015 trip. Because there were two groups of vets as our recipients, we split up the supplies and presented AWARE with about half of them.

After much consideration, the AWARE vets decided they desperately needed a couple of elephant tracking collars that would allow them to keep track of the elephants they have under treatment and to extend their research. Let me tell you, these were not easy devices to get. They had to be fitted and made by a company in Germany, then shipped along with all of the appropriate approvals and permits needed along the way. It was a long road but the collars finally came in and have been put to great use!